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Gerede School of Applied Sciences, founded in 2011 with 4-year bachelor's degree;

  • Banking and Finance (Daytime and Secondary Education),
  • International Trade and Logistics (Daytime and Secondary Education),
  • Marketing (Daytime Education),
  • Aviation Management (Daytime and Secondary Education),
  • Management Information Systems (Daytime and Secondary Education),

has 5 departments available right now.

In 2016-2016 academic year, student recruitment were also started to the Department of International Trade and Logistics and Marketing Department.

In our school, the Department of Banking and Finance and the Department of International Trade and Logistics are both daytime and secondary education; where at the Marketing Department, only daytime training is provided. The Department of Aviation Management and the Management Information Systems Departments have not active yet.

In our school, education is especially carried out at student-oriented. Improving the quality of the education given in a comfortable and secure environment has been our main objective. We also focus on the cultural and social progress of students through social activities such as seminars, conferences and symposia.

The main purpose of the School of Applied Sciences is to educate and bring to the economy, a highly qualified workforce that can operate in the international trade and banking sectors. For this, the cooperation activities with the relevant sectors are increasing day by day. Within this context, various initiatives have been managed recently to offer our students the opportunity to gain intercultural experience within the framework of exchange programs such as Farabi, Mevlana and Erasmus.

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  • Address: Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal Üniversitesi Gerede Uygulamalı Bilimler Fakültesi 14900 Gerede / BOLU
  • Tel: +90 374 311 21 11 Fax: +90 374 311 21 20
  • Email:  gubf@ibu.edu.tr